I Will Carry It For You…

Nearly every international airport has walls of people waiting for travelers to walk out the doors. They are waiting to carry your luggage for you. Or are they? They may be waiting, but in reality, they are looking for work. They want to carry your bags expecting you to pay them for their services.

Services rendered require services paid. Rare is the time and individual who will carry the load for you as a servant.

In a world demanding pay for service, it is hard to imagine servant leadership. Jesus teaches the one who desires to be great among you will be the servant of all (Mt. 20 :26).

Why is it so hard to see the greatness in being a servant? Why are most leaders seen as those who are to be served, rather than serve?

What about you and me? Are we willing to carry the load? Are we expecting services paid for services rendered? Or, are we serving because true leadership is based in being a servant of all?

2 comments on “I Will Carry It For You…

  1. Elangwe Esowe Greg says:

    Hello brother Bob,
    I am happy to read the leadership post today it is really wonderful for me as a servant , i am being reminded to SERVE AND NOT TO BE SERVE . I am doing my best and i pray that God help me do more for his glory .Thanks for your experiences that you have as you travel from one country to another and by so doing you keep passing through airports . The one you have just shared and the exegesis that you brought forwards is great.God bless by inspiring you the more.Say hello to all ,my wife , br Tobias and my little boy , YOUR CAMEROONIAN GRAND SON RAY CHRIS SAY HELLO TOO.Elangwe in Wotutu -Cameroon

  2. Obed Anthony says:

    Beloved brother, it is great to read your inspiring article. When I did I remembered what Jesus said” Greater love has no man than this, that a man lays down his life for his friends”
    I pray that we continue to serve Him.
    Obed Anthony Baird Memorial college

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