Mass Confusion…

Listening to a conversation in another country, a different language, among different people, can be extremely confusing. At times, with a crowd all speaking/arguing at the same time, it is mass confusion.

What is the point attempting to be made?

Who/what is right…or wrong?

Is anyone really listening?

Does anyone care?

Imagine trying to provide leadership in such confusion. Who will step up? Who will follow? What is it going to take to get others to listen? How can they understand the need and care?

Now, consider your leadership. Are we all speaking the same language? Are we really listening? Do we really care?

The answer makes a difference in our leadership.

2 comments on “Mass Confusion…

  1. lindell mitchell says:

    A disconcerting reality is the loss of conmmonly accepted foundational truths upon which our North American nation was built and upon which our freedoms ever more tenuously rest. Nothing short of widspread religious revival can reestablish this necessary commonality. This makes our work even more necessary. To the work!

  2. Rod Wilson says:

    The Bible talks quite frequently about listening but not understanding and seeing but not perceiving. This would be easier if everyone obeyed a couple of scriptures. I Cor. 1:10; 2 John 9; Phil. 1:27 and others. If we speak and believe the same things, the understanding and perceiving becomes simple. We lead by what we say and do and by what we believe.

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