There’s No Place Like Home…

Family. Home. Every person develops their own understanding of family and home. The idea of a beautiful house does not establish a home. The opposite is also true.

Images of a fireplace, the smell of baking, sounds of children playing, sports, fresh cut lawns, security, or a hundred other ideas often stimulate thoughts of home.

For others, home can often bring memories of violence, abuse, hardship, hunger, abandonment, and other areas of discontent.

The desire of all parents should be to provide an environment that says “there’s no place like home.”

What comes to mind when others think about our leadership?

Are memories made to promote thoughts of greatness?

Or, does our leadership cause others to find discontent and displeasure?

The opportunity is ours to make the difference in the way others view our leadership. The desire of leaders should be to create an environment that says, “there is nothing else like it.”

1 comment on “There’s No Place Like Home…

  1. Elangwe Esowe Greg says:

    Oh brother Bob, your message are so inspiring to us who are not just leaders , but leaders leading God’s people to their father.
    We need to try by all cause to make them feel we are leading them to a place of enough ,even if they are found in total frustration , and hopelessness .God bless you really there is no place like home.
    Elangwe Greg

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