The Blame Game…

This game has been around since the beginning. Adam blamed God (and Eve). Eve blamed the serpent and people have been blaming someone ever since.

Children learn at a young age to blame a sibling, friend in school, a teacher, the weather, or anything they can in order to keep from accepting responsibility for their actions.

Where do they learn this behavior?

Why would they assume it is acceptable?

Can it be corrected?

John Maxwell claims everything rises and falls on leadership. Does our leadership as parents influence the behavior of our children? Are we willing to accept the responsibility?

Leaders, it all begins with us. If we are going to correct the trend of playing the blame game, then we must rise up and accept responsibility. If there is success, the credit goes to the team. If there is failure, the responsibility rests on our shoulders. Welcome to leadership.

1 comment on “The Blame Game…

  1. Chann Lork says:

    I think there are some ways that children can learn how to blame and excuse, they can learn from their parents, their friends, neighbors and other people.
    Because they thought that, it make them set free but they do not know how many people are getting hurt by their blaming and excussing at all.
    The bible is the best standart to be corrected in any circumstances. There are some people tried to solve to those kind of question but the problem keep happening because they can solve it in one way but another one appear out later.

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