I remember the first time I heard a someone say, “I’ll be your Huckleberry.” I knew that no matter what happened, he would, as we say, “have my back.” He would defend me and help me, no matter what happened.

God’s word teaches us how Jesus is our Advocate, Mediator, Intercessor, and several additional terms. These terms identify Jesus as someone who is there to defend us. There are going to be times when life happens and we struggle with various trials. Temptation works to destroy our faith and foundation.

However, Jesus is there to stand beside us and provide aid.

As leaders, we have a responsibility to the people who are following. They need to know they have a leader who is going to be there to defend them, to stand beside them no matter the trial.

Be their Huckleberry. When we do we are building relationships as greater leaders.

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  1. Wayne Burger says:

    Although I haven’t left a comment before, I read these each day. I will also say that I’m not familiar with the term “huckleberry” and therefore do not know what that means.

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