A Minimum Of Four…

Today is the fourth day of October 2010. The number four has been used a number of ways Biblically and throughout history. However, there is something significant about the number four today.

Not only because it is the fourth day of October, but the number four represents the minimum number of people you will influence this day. In fact, the average person will influence a minimum of four people everyday.

So, why is today any different? It isn’t. This is just a reminder for all of us to provide the kind of leadership to influence these four people in the right way.

You and I have an opportunity to make a difference in someone’s life by our influence, our leadership.

This fact should motivate all of us to learn more about leading. As well, we should give much greater consideration to the power of our influence. We need to give thought to the words we use, the attitudes we display, and our actions.

“A Minimum Of Four”   Think about it. Who will influence you and who will you influence?

2 comments on “A Minimum Of Four…

  1. paul says:

    Thanks for the “Four!”
    Important to remember.
    Yes it’s cold here, but we are loving it. Leave it behind when you go back to Colorado, please.:))

  2. AngelaQ says:

    This is the day my Dad was born. We lost him in December of 2008, but he had amazing influence on me and everyone he ever met. I still think about him every day….and this ‘four’ will be a concept I will now think of every day too!! I love your articles. They all make me think.
    Thanks Bob!

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