Validation – “to demonstrate or support the truth or value of something.”

Children are in constant need of validation. With each summersault our granddaughter performs (even with a little assistance), we all clap and cheer. The smile on her face shows the validation.

Each time our grandson takes a book and begins leading a song, or asks to say a prayer, or takes a microphone and begins to preach, we are quick to issue an extreme level of praise. The result is validation.

Maturing into adulthood does not change the need for validation. In leadership we need to be aware of the need for validation.

We need to be quick to issue praise for the accomplishments of those around us.

We need to validate good behavior publicly and reprimand bad behavior privately.

When we validate the achievements of others our leadership grows. Why? Because validating others demonstrates the value they possess and provide.

2 comments on “Validation

  1. Donnie says:

    Great post, Bob!

  2. ramseur says:

    The easiest thing to forget is validation. Condemnation comes so much easier. This is definitely something I’m striving to not only develop, not only in my leadership, but as well in my home life.

    If you don’t mind I think I will sermonize this blog (2 Thess 1:1-5)

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