Living For The Cause…

I have to admit I love old reruns. Recently, I came across one of Big Valley. Do you remember Nick Barkley?

On this episode I heard a statement I thought was worth repeating and giving thought to regarding leadership. Victoria Barkley (matriarch of the family) said, “I would rather die for a cause than to live without one.” Think about the depth of this statement.

Far too often people live their lives without any understanding of THE cause worth dying for on earth. Sadly, most people live without any cause at all.

For many, life has become mundane to the routine of work, coming home to a few chores, watching a few hours of television, going to bed and starting all over. Seemingly, life’s only purpose surrounds living for the weekend. Perhaps saddest of all, it is to the exclusion of God.

If this sounds like your life, it is time to reevaluate. Spiritual leadership demands we know THE cause that requires our life. No, we may not physically die. However, if we are not willing to live for the cause of Christ, it is certain we would never be willing to die for Him.

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  1. Earnest Gill says:

    great! I think I have got the point to give the sermon next week for the congreagation where Brother Mangal Masih Preaches.
    Thanks again for the daily message and all the encouragement.

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