The Journey

I love traveling with my wife. The time together is invaluable. We talk about various issues in our lives and in the church. We laugh together. Sometimes we cry together. We even work out the problems we have between us. She is an awesome traveling companion. The time we share is what makes the journey so wonderful. No matter how long or how short the trip I love the journey together.

Leadership should be the same. At times, we are so focused on the goals we forget the journey.

The journey is where we discuss the various issues.

The journey is where we laugh and cry together.

The journey is where we work out the problems, personal and professional.

The journey is about invaluable time together.

We are growing to know each other better. Finally, after reaching the goal, when we look back, perhaps we will realize it is all about the relationships built on the journey.

As a leader, make sure your traveling companions are ones you love making the journey with… together.

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