Beauty, Health, Fit. These three words headline a satellite network program.

The idea speaks of the concept of image within our culture. We are all victims to some degree of this struggle.

We are concerned about the way we look and feel. We are also consumed with the way others look at us and think about us.

Several problems are presented.

First, most people want to find an easy way to an image without paying the price.

Second, cultural influences tend to dictate the direction of general thinking.

Third, the promotion of worldliness, rather than godliness, becomes normal.

From the standpoint of spiritual leadership, we need to learn the road of leadership is not easy. Leaders will always be in the minority.

The more secular our world becomes, the less God will be a part of it. As culture strives to remove God and replace Him with self, the challenge of image creates greater struggles for leadership.

Paul speaks against allowing worldliness to shape our behavior and the need for God’s word to shape our minds and conduct.

Lead as though our image depended on it… because it does.

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  1. lindell mitchell says:

    Every Christian must keep in mind our Lord declared most people are wrong most of the time about most things (Matthew 7:13-14). Taking our que from the world regarding our image or anything else is a profoundly poor choice.

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