Every Second Counts

As I write, in the background I hear the seconds ticking on the grandfather’s clock in our living room. It is early and quiet. The sound of each tick is almost deafening.

I am reminded of a powerful truth.

Time is the most precious and valuable commodity given to us. Every second counts.

The World Census Bureau claims 1.8 people die every second. By the time it takes you to read this post, 108 people will pass from this life to stand before God. I do not have to explain the value of each soul.

Spiritual leadership involves recognition of the precious nature of the soul.

Shepherds know the serious responsibility entrusted to them with each soul in their care.

Teachers know that implanting the word of God is able to save a soul and rescue them from hell.

The next time you have a quiet moment, listen to the sound of each tick on the clock and remember the value of time and precious nature of souls. Every second counts. Can we lead someone to Christ today?

1 comment on “Every Second Counts

  1. Obed Anthony says:

    Greetings to you brother,
    It is true, we are very observant of our lives. Most importantly we should be observant about our souls.
    May his blessings be yours.
    Obed anthony-Cameroon.

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