Starting Or Finishing?

Several years ago, I heard someone say “it’s not how you start, but how you finish that makes the difference.”

Although I cannot remember the source, the significance is not lessened.

The concept is true in every area of life. It is true in sports. It is true in teaching. It is true in family, and it is true in leadership.

I have seen ideas that started with great excitement, but too quickly. The project began without much thought to potential problems. In the end what started well, finished a disaster.

I have also seen ideas start slowly, without as much excitement or momentum. However, the projects were well thought out and methodically approached. The problems were anticipated and resolved. In the end what started slowly, finished as a great success.

We need to approach leadership the same way. Leadership must be thoughtfully and methodically approached. Leadership must have the vision to anticipate problems and prepare to deal with them. If we start this way, how we finish will truly make a difference.

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