Indecision is a decision. It is a decision to do nothing.

Why do we have such a struggle with making decisions? Where do we want to eat? What do we want to wear? Why is it so difficult?

What causes indecisions? Fear of failure? Rejection? Indifference? Apathy?

Do we allow indecision to become an avenue for manipulating others?

Spiritual leaders cannot allow the mindset of indecision to exist. The result can be devastating.

When we are indecisive… non-leaders make the decisions; circumstances make the decisions; dissenters make the decisions.

In the end, we accomplish nothing.

Leadership will not be perfect, but we must be decisive. If we make the wrong decision, admit it and correct it. But, please be decisive.

3 comments on “Indecisive…

  1. Joe Hickey says:

    Thanks Bob
    Very good,yes we need to be clear and decisive in what we do and say,thanks again.
    In our Lord
    Joe Hickey

  2. Elangwe Esowe Greg says:

    dearest br bob,thanks very much , it is always good to read this ,i have just learn something great , if we fail to make decisions , others will make rough ones that may destroy .

  3. Dustin Campbell says:

    One of a Leaders tasks is to make decisions. I think lack of self confidence sometimes hinders people to make decisions, obviously choosing places to eat and other minor decisions but when it comes to major decisions if you are not completely positive with who you are and what you are trying to accomplish the leader can be indecisive. Great article.

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