I find it amazing the credibility given individuals who predict the weather. Based on the information available, they put forth their best attempt to predict the unpredictable.

The idea of predictability involves someone or something behaving or occurring in a way that is expected. Few areas of life are really predictable.

People are far from predictable.

The economy is unpredictable.

Clearly, we cannot predict the political direction of the world.

In reality, even life itself is unpredictable.

Predictability is incredibly difficult in spiritual leadership as well. Perhaps it is because of the unpredictability of all of the above.

Spiritual leadership must provide a predictable stability for followers. In an ever-changing physical world, people should be able to expect spiritual leaders to offer guidance consistent to an unchanging truth.

As unpredictable as Tuesday’s election appears and regardless of the outcome, I pray spiritual leaders will provide the predictability needed.

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  1. Dustin Campbell says:

    Really enjoy reading these. Thank you

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