Over the weekend I made another trip involving an airport. I am constantly amazed at observing those who are walking, running, sitting, waiting, or standing in line.

Some sleep. Some talk on the phone. Some herd children. Some read a book. Some take pictures. There are also those on a computer, i.e. me!

It all speaks to how observant we are of the lives of those around us.

What opportunities are waiting?

What are we going to do with our time?

How will we impact the lives of others?

Will their journey be safe and successful?

Will their life be better because we encountered them?

We are all on a journey through life. It is easy to get caught up in so many issues we miss opportunities to change the lives of others because we are not observant.

Spiritual leadership is a servant leadership. The way we aid the lives of those who are following is through observation. We need to see the opportunities and act.

Try being still for a moment and observe the lives of people around you. It is interesting.

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  1. Lindell Mitchell says:

    I’ve been blessed to meed some of the most interesting people in airports. After we’ve visited a bit many ask “and what do you do.” When I tell them I’m on a mission to teach the Bible to preachers in other lands, I get some really interesting reactions. It is always my hope of leaving them with a good impression of what a Christian is like. Many are searching for something real. By the grace of God we have what they most need!

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