It’s About Change…

With the election behind us, maybe the promise of change will be seen, since there appears to be a change in the House and Senate.

Life is about change. We begin the process of change the day we arrive. We change from infancy to childhood, childhood to youth, youth to adulthood, and we eventually change back.

It is common for people to fear change. Even leaders fear change. We should embrace change as part of life (physically and spiritually).

Repentance is not a daily part of our vocabulary. Yet, this simple word can reach heights of complexity when it comes to application.

However, repentance means change; change of mind, will and direction. Repentance involves change that can be seen. The actions of today are not the same as they were the day before, at times even the minute before.

Obviously, not all change is good. But, all change is not bad either. In fact, change can and should be good. Spiritual leadership should embrace change that glorifies God, exemplifies truth to the lost, unifies the church, and modifies my life to be more like Jesus.

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  1. ramseur says:

    It’s interesting to think about the change the naysayers in 2 Peter were saying hasn’t happened and Peter tells them there has been change through history and God’s being patient so that they can change as well. God is being patient for my change and for your change! WOW! Repentance definitely should be a part of our daily vocabulary, because if there’s no change in us then that means there’s neither falling back nor growth (neither hot nor cold). So, great idea for the day Bob. Love you and miss you

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