Will You Give Up?

Is there ever a time when we should give up?

Should we give up when the majority gives up? When the majority is against us? When failure seems obvious? When the obstacles are insurmountable? When there appears to be no hope?

How should we answer the question?

If you or I were in danger, at what point would it be acceptable for our rescuer to give up? When leadership is so desperately needed, will we give up?

No one is able to answer these questions for us. However, it is vital for spiritual leaders to give a greater level of consideration to them.

When souls are at risk, the future is uncertain, or all odds are against us, do not allow the first thought to be one of giving up.

The opportunity may open a door to achieve greatness. According to various accounts, Winston Churchill expressed it best, “never, never, never give up.”

1 comment on “Will You Give Up?

  1. Elangwe Esowe Greg says:

    Deraest br Bob,
    God bless you for all this that you do feeding people all over the world with all this vital information about the work.Thanks for the one about leadership.
    I am also happy with the CBIW that has started being on the net for others to read and pray about the work in wotutu ,Cameroon .Thanks and may God bless your effort.

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