The End…

What comes to mind when we think of “the end?” –the end of the movie? –the end of the line? –the end of life? –the end of all time?

Regardless, perhaps the better question is what will others remember about our leadership in the end? Commitment? Respect? Courage? Sacrifice? Service? Compassion? Accountability?

However we want our leadership to be remembered, we need to begin now with the end in sight.

If we do not know the desired outcome for the future, we cannot plan today.

Remember to have S.M.A.R.T. goals.

Invest in proper preparation.

Develop a solid plan.

Follow wise counsel.

Evaluate often.

Correct mistakes.

In all things, pray.

Truth be known, we have no idea when the end will come. Clearly, we need to be ready because we know there is an end.

If today were the end… would we lead differently? Well then, do it anyway, because it just might be! Souls depend on our understanding the necessity to lead with the end in mind.

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