Leaders Lead…

Recently, I saw an article entitled “Leaders Are To Lead.” At first glance, I thought it should be obvious. What else would leaders do?

Then, I began to realize how few spiritual leaders are really doing the job they were called to do.

The very idea of a leader emphasizes an activity. He is to lead.

Leading is an opportunity.

Leading is a choice.

Leading is a responsibility.

Leading is a necessity.

Spiritual leaders can make a difference in the direction of the future. Therefore, leading should never be taken lightly.

Where would you and I be without the spiritual leaders in our life? Where will others be if we do not lead? As we go throughout the day, I want our thoughts to be centered on the need for us to step up and lead.

God demands leaders to lead.

The church survives when leaders  lead.

The world’s only hope requires leaders to lead.

I hope you will join me in this quest.

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