Young Examples…

Saturday was a beautiful day. The morning was cool and the sun was shining. A “rake and take” was on the agenda. For the entire morning several Christians came together to rake leaves for a few members unable to take care of this task.

There is a sense of feeling good about helping others. I love the opportunity to provide for a need so appreciated.

However, it was not a good feeling or the opportunity to meet a need I will remember.

I was impressed by the work ethic of the young people who came to work…and they worked!

I was encouraged by their willingness to jump (pardon the pun) into the work without being told.

I was amazed at the stamina and focus to continue working without getting distracted by trivial matters (playing, visiting, cell phones, etc.).

I was thankful to know the motivation was a pure love for serving.

I am elated to think about our leaders of today and tomorrow. I know tomorrow will be better because of the young people I am watching today.

Thank you for your example. I pray you continue to lead as you did Saturday.

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