Reading about leadership in the Bible provides a wealth of information. There are both good and bad examples.

One of the areas permeating Israel’s leadership involves choices. There are a number of recurring lessons found throughout these examples of leadership.

1) Leaders must choose. To remain neutral is a choice, a choice to do nothing.

2) Leaders should listen to godly counsel. Leaders often allow their heart, friends, finances, or lust to drive their decisions. The end is tragic.

3) Leaders impact others by their choices. How many lives have been lost because of poor choices? As well, how many lives will be eternally thankful as a result of a leaders’ choice?

4) Leaders live tomorrow with the choices of today. Today’s choices will dictate the direction of tomorrow. Can we live with the responsibility?

We know the negative connotation generally associated with choices. We tend to think about the consequences more than the rewards.

Remember, we have the opportunity to make the right choice. Just as the wrong choice brings consequences, the right choice will bring reward.

Do not delay.

Seek godly counsel and trust in God’s guidance.

Commit to the right choice.

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