The Right Questions…

Leadership is often called upon to solve problems. Moses dealt with the great burden of problem resolution.

Problem resolution, or conflict management, is a vital area in leadership. Tons of material has been written to help provide answers.

Recently, in a leadership class, we were discussing problem resolution. One of the areas prevalent to the discussion involved asking the right questions.

We tend to struggle in finding resolution because we are not asking the right questions.

What is the real problem? What are the obstacles? How can we overcome the obstacles? What must be done to resolve the issue(s)? Are there reasons a solution cannot be reached? Have all of the facts been gathered? What impact will the resolution have on everyone involved?

These are a few questions to be considered. Remember to ask open-ended questions. Questions beginning with “what” and “how” are less leading in nature. Questions beginning with “why” tend to make others defensive as if attacked.

There will never be an end to problems. Learning how to resolve problems quickly and effectively is the challenge. One positive step is to ask the right questions.

3 comments on “The Right Questions…

  1. paul says:

    Bob, these were very appropriate words for me today. Our ministry, River City Ministry, is having some leadership problems, and we are meeting today to try to address them. I have been praying for some guidance from the Lord on handling these problems, and as I prepared for this meeting, opened your blog and recieved a blessing. Pray for us when you can, and thank you for your diligence on this topic.

  2. Rod Wilson says:

    Another way to avoid further conflict in resolution is to start a statement with “I think”. This approach doesn’t point fingers with what follows and makes the statement personal to the one making the statement. Your lessons on leadership are always good. Keep up the good work and thanks.

  3. Elangwe Esowe Greg says:

    Dearest br Bob,
    I really do appreciate your works , great to read this one now ,it is always good to ask questions , but as leaders who should be careful with the type of questions which will is intended to solve problems and rather provoke more problems.
    Keep helping us with such inspiration.

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