Passionate Fire…

I have been privileged to know people I would describe as passionate. I am amazed at the infectious nature of their passion.

One of the most passionate individuals we can read about is Paul. Although the word is not used, the evidence of passion was a driving force in Paul’s life and leadership. How else can we explain his willingness to suffer for Christ?  Why would Paul carry such daily concerns for the church if not for his passion?

Passion is consuming. Is there any other reason Paul would write the church at Corinth, “I determined to know nothing among you save Jesus Christ, and Him crucified?”

Passion must drive our leadership. However, knowing the need for passion and having it are two different ideas.

We need to make a decision to be passionate. Flee from negativity.

Above all, remember passion will only exist when we believe! This is more than just a belief in Jesus as the Son of God. It is a consuming fire requiring a sacrificial life.

Leaders, be passionate.

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