Motivating Love…

Paul is not unique in writing about love. However, Paul’s leadership was not just writing about love. His leadership was motivated by love.

Paul wrote about the love of Christ controlling us. He defined love directing relationships within the church. He also demonstrated love in placing the wellbeing of others above himself.

Paul understood the need to “practice what you preach.” He also understood the power of love demonstrated by God grace. This same power works within us in ways immeasurable.

Leadership needs to study the subject of love and all its implications when leading.

Love seeks the best for others before self.

Love knows the value of discipline, when and where.

Love searches for truth in all circumstances.

Love is not quick to condemn, but believes innocent until proven guilty.

Love never fails.

Followers will put their trust in leaders who love them. The motivation for a leaders decisions and actions should always be love.

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