Tool Kit For Leaders…

All homes need a tool kit. There will be trim to be nailed down, appliances to replace, electrical outlets or fixtures to install, etc.

I have learned the value of having a tool kit. However, it is not having a tool kit, but having the right tools in it.

Flat headed screws are hard to install with a Philips head screwdriver. It is impossible to tighten a 16 mm nut with a 32 mm socket, even if the tool is the most expensive and reliable. I believe you get the point.

Leadership is the same. Often a leader has a sincere heart, a desire to lead, and is skilled in several areas. However, if the leader is trying to plug in where he is unsuited, it will not work. Both the leader and followers quickly become frustrated.

One of two possibilities exist; either the leader must acquire the right tools/skills for the job; or two, the leader should pursue the area most suited to them.

When our goal is to achieve what is best for the group, the decision is clear. The general rule is 80/20, i.e. 80% of our time focused on strengths and 20% on weaknesses. Spiritual leaders need to develop their most suited areas and pursue them with a passion to serve God in the greatest way.

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  1. David Malley says:

    Good article Bob. Love the toolkit analogy. God bless you brother, see you in class.

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