Leadership vs Culture…

Does leadership determine the culture, or does culture determine leadership? The answer is controversial.

I have examined the characteristics of culture from each decade over the last 90 years. I have also looked at the president who served longest during each decade. I compiled information about events and achievements to the present.

It seems there are times when culture determined leadership, as one might find in our present leadership. However, it would appear at times, leadership determined culture, as when Harry Truman led during World War II.

I find it interesting to see how the definition of leadership has changed from one decade to the next depending on the culture and leadership.

Consider the Biblically similarities. When men like Joshua led Israel, his influence led God’s people to remain loyal and faithful. However, we find the culture of Israel, at a divisive point in their history, selecting Jeroboam to be king, leading to idolatry.

While we may never reach a definitive answer, one thought is clear. God intends spiritual leadership to influence culture. I pray we arise to and accept the challenge with courage and boldness.

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