To-Do Lists…

Several have been credited with saying, “the urgent is seldom important and the important is seldom urgent.”

The thought raises questions as to what really is important and how urgent it becomes.

Spiritual leadership should always be concerned with developing proper priorities. It is not uncommon to reach the end of the day and wonder where the time went. We face the challenge of not accomplishing what we want or intended. Developing the right priorities involves understanding several areas.

Remember activity is not equivalent to achievement. We have all been busy and  yet, accomplish nothing.

A daily self-examination is vital to recognizing priorities and it is Biblical.

Write out a “to-do” list.

We know we should make to-do lists, but we often fail to follow through. However, our priorities take on a new look when we write out what to do.

They must be about “next actions.”

Prepare the night before.

Review first thing in the morning.

Stay focused during the day.

Add items as they occur or as needed.

A few simple steps and we will find ourselves accomplishing more each day and the priorities of life will find  their proper place.

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