Two Paths…

…is a Biblical principle. In fact, the idea is presented in multiple ways. Jesus said you are either for or against; building on rock or sand; a sheep or a goat; walking in light or darkness.

There was no middle ground with Jesus. Our world claims many paths lead to the Father. The concept of two paths is not well received.

Yet, if Jesus identified only two paths and indicated the difficulty of walking the narrow path, then why complicate the situation by altering New Testament teaching?

Where are spiritual leaders today?

Will more stand in the gap to proclaim Biblical truth?

Is it possible to return to a Biblical foundation when the church is threatened by the left and right winds of change?

Spiritual leaders have been called for this purpose. We have a responsibility and we will be held accountable.

Let us be diligent in our study of God’s word.

Let us be strengthened with a greater understanding of truth.

Let us be courageous in the face of controversy and challenge.

Let us be definitive in our answers.

The time is now! The choice is ours! There are two paths!

Let us choose the Biblical path for the sake of our generation and the one to come.

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  1. Chad Wagner says:

    Bob, I’m a regular reader of your leadership blog. I do have a question regarding today’s post. I know what I think about ‘standing in the gap’, but I’m curious how standing in the gap fits into your overall theme of ‘two paths’ today. Can you shed some insight?

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