Value of Trust…

Think from a different angle. We all know the value of trust. We know the Biblical emphasis on trusting God. Scripture emphasizes the necessity of placing our trust completely in Him.

We also know the vital nature of establishing and building trust in our relationships. There must be trust in families, working relationships, and friendship.

Perhaps the challenge we face is learning to make application.

Consider the idea presented by Paul to the church at Corinth. From this text a powerful question arises. Can God trust you and me?

We are required, as stewards, to be trustworthy. Again, can God trust you and me?

Can He trust us to handle His word accurately?

Can He trust us to faithfully fulfill the purpose for which Jesus came to this earth?

Can He trust us to love and serve His church?

Can He trust us to provide the spiritual leadership needed for His church?

Only you and I can answer the questions. When we consider the value of trust, yes, we need to trust in our God, but can He trust us?

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