One Special Day…

Wait! It’s not Christmas yet. No, this is not the day I am referring to on this December 22.

Today, my parents celebrate 58 years of marriage. It is rare to find couples with what it takes to stay together 58 years plus. The qualities needed are similar to long lasting leadership.

The first is commitment. The concept of quitting, if this does not work out, is never a thought.

Second, it takes patience. We understand the need for others to be patient with our imperfections. Yet, we often fail to do the same for others. However, it must be a two way street.

The third is love. This is not the emotional idea often associated with the world’s concept of love. It is the Biblical definition of “seeking” the highest good of someone else, above ourselves.

Fourth, it takes selective amnesia. What? We cannot succeed while constantly reminding others of past mistakes and shortcomings. We need to let it go and realize a greater cause.

While my parents enjoy this very special day, as spiritual leaders, we must develop the type of qualities needed to succeed long term.

2 comments on “One Special Day…

  1. Ken Burton says:

    Congratulations to your parents. Appreciate your leadership applications from their marriage!

  2. Rick Kelley says:

    what a blessing! Thanks for sharing!

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