Recoup and Recover…

I waited until today to consider the need to recoup and recover. Families have returned home. Christmas decorations have been stored for another year. We are probably back to a regular work schedule.

Why today? Chances are someone was up yesterday shopping after Christmas specials or making returns, standing in lines, thinking how crazy, and perhaps, entertained the idea of going back to work to recoup and recover. We are not the first to think this way.

What is the connection to spiritual leadership? Remember to rest.

This is not my strong suit. It would not be a stretch to say I am a workaholic. The thought of taking a full day off without checking e-mail, answering the cell-phone, writing a leadership post, or something work related is strange.

Maybe you do not suffer with this mindset. If not, then you can stop reading. But, if you share this mindset, then read on.

Rest is valuable to everyone’s work performance.

Rest aids greater enthusiasm and energy to reach the goal.

Family life improves. Work performance increases. It is a win – win situation.

Whatever the season or project, remember to recoup and recover.

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