Adjusting to Change…

Adjusting to change can be challenging. Even the smallest of changes can be frustrating, e.g. learning to write 2011 instead of 2010, and it’s only January 4th.

Our view of change makes the difference.

We all know we live in an ever-changing world. Physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual changes occur everyday, at times, by the second.

We see it, know it happens, and yet struggle to adjust to change.

Many promise change. Change can be bad and it can be good.

Biblically, change is necessary in relation to God. Repentance is about change. God requires change, both in becoming a Christian and throughout our Christian walk.

Spiritual leadership must learn how to adjust to change. Obviously, I am not talking about changing the word of God, nor the principles upon which we worship our God. This is about method, not the message.

Brad Harrub refers to it as living in an Acts 17, not an Acts 2, society.

We cannot do the same things in the same way and expect different results. If we are going to lead souls to Christ and to spiritual maturity, we need to learn how to adjust to a changing culture in need of spiritual leadership.

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  1. Rick Kelley says:

    Thanks, brother.

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