Defining A Leader…

What is a leader?

One definition states a leader is “a short length of gut, wire, or similar material by which a hook is attached to a fishing line.” Before you think I have lost it, consider the following.

I enjoyed fishing for halibut when we worked in Prince Rupert, B.C. I found it interesting the fishing line was 30-40 pound test line. It seemed odd when halibut could reach 300-400 pounds. However, the hooks are tied to a steel line to prevent halibut from cutting the line when striking. Halibut have teeth shark-like in nature. They are scavengers of the ocean floor devouring whatever is in their path.

The definition of leadership reminds me of this steel line. There are people who strike with shark-like teeth. They tend to be scavengers devouring whatever is in their path. They tend to cut into the emotional and mental fiber of a leader. It sounds like Peter’s words concerning the devil.

Spiritual leaders must be defined by strong, steel-like character. It is not a matter of if, but when attacks come. Remember the strength God provides to help us in the battle.

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