Creating Change…

What would you do to change the world? If given the opportunity, what would you or I really do?

Remove prejudice? Destroy weapons of mass destruction? Bring unity among all nations? Restructure the political system of our country/world?

I am sure there are multitudes of answers.

It seems spiritual leaders need to be more focused on creating a different kind of change.

After last week’s post on “Adjusting to Change,” a good friend, Dean Murphy, dropped me this note, “I would argue that a cornerstone of leadership is not only to adjust to change, but to CREATE it. Managers adjust while leaders instigate, influence and implement change. Today’s reality can always be improved upon.”

If we are going to improve on the reality of our world, we cannot wait on someone else. We MUST create change.

Looking around today, there is one certainty – someone is going to create change. We have to ask ourselves, will it be the change we want, need, or desire?

Spiritual leadership carries a great responsibility. Just think of what would happen politically, morally, ethically, and spiritually if we arise to the challenge/responsibility and create a Biblical change.

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