Transferring Files…

Last week I moved a number of files from old filing cabinets to my current office. This was not a monumental task, but one needing attention.

During the process I began looking through some of the material from these “junk” files and material stacked up on my desk waiting to be filed. By “junk” files I mean files containing material without any designation. Why do I still have it now some 10 years later? I have not used it or filed it appropriately?

I was reminded of something I heard years ago. If you have not looked at it in three months, throw it away or file it accordingly.

Whether you agree or disagree, there is a point to be made here with leadership.

Leaders, is there something from the past we are attempting to transfer? Could it be classified as “junk?” Does it have value? Is it usable or outdated?

Maybe its time for a little clean up. Do not just transfer. Do some self-evaluation. Throw it away or place it in the right location. But, please do not keep dragging it around without any purpose. It might be hindering our leadership.

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