Discouraged, But Not Distracted…

Nehemiah is one of the great leaders of the Old Testament. Several qualities rise to the surface about Nehemiah and his leadership. He was a man of prayer, passionate for God and his people, courageous in the face of opposition, and the list goes on.

One area about Nehemiah’s character is found in being discouraged, but not distracted. From the conditions of the wall needing to be rebuilt, threats from external enemies, ridicule, to plots of ambush, it would be easy to get discouraged. Nehemiah, however, was not distracted. The work was vital, his faith was strong, and he would allow nothing to keep him from finishing the task.

Leadership brings many challenges, some greater than others. In times when the trials of life are overwhelming, it is easy to get discouraged.

Satan wants spiritual leaders to be discouraged. He knows if he can create enough discouragement, the chances of quitting increase. This is his goal.

We need to be determined, strong in faith, prayerful, passionate about our God and His people, courageous, and unfailing to finish the course.

Never give the devil opportunity!

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