Man Of His Word…

The days are long past when someone’s word and a handshake were binding. The lack of integrity, honesty, faithfulness, responsibility and accountability are major reasons.

Sadly, immorality, unethical practices, poor handling of Biblical text, greed, along with the list above, are also factors contributing to the problem among spiritual leaders.

Let me clarify. I am not stereotyping all leaders at a corporate, political, educational, or spiritual level. Our media crazed society has created a stereotypical mindset. As a result, it only takes a few in the minority to label and convict the majority.

I cannot overstate the need for us to be a people of our word. Jesus said; “let your statement be, ‘yes, yes,’ or ‘no, no;’ anything beyond these is of evil.” As a result, the greater answer seems obvious.

We must be a people of His Word!

We may never convince the business world of our credibility. However, the people we contact daily should recognize it. Our lives, our leadership, are different because we are men and women of His Word.

Read it to be wise, live by it to be faithful, and lead by it to change everything and everyone around us.

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