Mountain Top Experience…

Leadership has its challenges. However, the benefits outweigh the challenges.

I recently heard a powerful lesson on the life of Elijah. Elijah’s confrontation at Mt. Carmel and victory over idolatry was a mountain top experience.

Even though Elijah had to overcome discouragement, along with Jezebel’s threats, several lessons can be learned from Mt. Carmel.

1) Elijah was God’s man. Elijah lifted up God. It was the only way to turn people from idolatry.

2) Elijah was unrelenting about their choice. Israel could not remain neutral between Baal or God. Elijah demanded they choose.

3) Elijah knew God. Knowledge translates into confidence. His faith was answered incredibly.

4) Elijah understood the need to eradicate evil’s influence. Israel had to put these false prophets to death.

We must be men and women of God, holding to and lifting up His word.

We cannot yield to the thought of remaining neutral. We must choose!

It is vital we know God. Our faith and confidence are built on this foundation.

The task before us is to remove the influence of evil. The task will not be easy, but with God we win. Let us lead as such.

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