Incredible! Great! Fantastic! Spectacular! Amazing! Grueling! Abrasive! Controlling!

There is no end to adjectives in the English language. Basically, an adjective is a word, or phrase, naming an attribute to modify or describe a noun.

We live in a world where we generally communicate with the use of words. Interestingly, what we hear and read is often presented with an incredible, spectacular, and unbelievable multiplicity of adjectives.

It begs a question. What word, or phrase, would best modify or describe our leadership?

Are we scrambling for a word in the list above? Would we desire a word more Biblical in nature?

Godly! Spiritual! Righteous! Knowledgeable! Patient! Compassionate! Faithful!

It sure has a different ring, at least in my perspective. I hope it does for everyone.

Today, let us strive to lead others in a manner they will describe Biblically.

2 comments on “Adjectives…

  1. David Malley says:

    For you Bob, I would pick compassionate to describe your leadership! Keep it up brother! God bless!

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