On the Job Training – O.J.T. may or may not be familiar. The concept involves receiving the needed training for a job while on the job.

I am amazed how often people think leaders come from a selected few of the population. Sadly, few see themselves as leaders.

However, we are all leaders. We influence at least 4 people everyday. Knowing so should motivate us to learn how to lead properly.

Some take courses, or go to school to study leadership i.e. Dale Carnegie, Today’s TQ, etc. Others prefer to read books by leaders i.e. Colin Powell, John Maxwell, Stephen Covey, etc.

Whatever method is preferred, learning about leadership is O.J.T. We are constantly leading others.

Our leadership awareness is magnified when we think spiritually.

The relationships we develop, people we help, attitudes we demonstrate on the job, language we use, and integrity we demonstrate, will all be measured in terms of influence.

Others are watching you and me. We are going to lead. How will we lead? Are we willing to learn how to lead more powerfully?

Use every opportunity God gives to prepare and lead others to Him. Think Souls!

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