A Leading Servant…

What makes a great leader? Achievement? Financial independence? Educational degrees? Business accolades?

It might be interesting to look through God’s eyes in contrast to the eyes of the world.

The description of true greatness given by our Lord is one of a servant. A great leader is a servant. Consider the mindset of a servant leader.

A servant leader desires the benefit of others above self.
A servant leader focuses on the goal of the whole, not a select few.
A servant leader leads with passion and compassion.
A servant leader gives more than they take.
A servant leader sacrifices willingly and lovingly.
A servant leader understands the importance of a good example.
A servant leader focuses on every person they meet.
A servant leader values every second of every minute.
A servant leader follows the Greatest Leader who was a servant of all!

My prayer this day is for all of us to become a great leader in the eyes of God. The rest will take care of itself.

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  1. Carlene says:

    Well said!!!

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