Sacrificial Leadership…

To lead is to sacrifice. Leadership is sacrifice. When will the sacrifice need to be made? What sacrifice will be necessary?

Above all, are we willing to make the sacrifice?

The apostle Paul made great sacrifices in serving the Lord and the church.

First, Paul claimed nothing held more value than knowing Christ Jesus. He suffered the loss of all things in order to know Christ. Notice the terminology associated with knowing Jesus: the power of His resurrection, the fellowship of His sufferings, being conformed to His death.

Paul wanted to know Christ, experiencing the same sacrifices.

Second, Paul’s willingness to suffer was past and future tense. Later in Paul’s ministry, he states what he had given up in the past and why, but he further points out his willingness to endure.

If we go below the surface and examine Paul’s leadership, we will find a leader of great sacrifice. His level of sacrifice is exemplified throughout his writings. He willingly made sacrifice for His God and the church.

Let us arise and make the necessary sacrifices to lead according to the example we find in Paul.

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