Children and Leadership…

A friend and brother in Christ, Bennie Wallace, is a student of leadership and children. He recently submitted the following.

“Studies have shown that the attention span of the average person is between 18 and 20 minutes. All of us who have children know that a child’s can be much shorter. One of my grandsons will always ask, “what are we going to do next,” just as soon as I have told him what we are about to do now.

One plan that seems to work well is to always have three activities planned at any given time. The first will be the present activity being done within the next couple of weeks. Just before this activity begins, start promoting the second activity and as the time draws near for the second activity, start promoting the third. At any given time the children will know about 2 activities that are planned.

If you can keep the above going, children will not lose interest. We need to keep the children busy in God’s work and we will have fewer in trouble and more leaders in the future.

Leaders need to always be on the lookout for things to occupy and educate the children. They are the future of the Church.”

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