A League of Extraordinary Men

A recent channel surfing venture landed on a movie starring Sean Connery. I am not recommending this or any movie. The title caught my attention.

From the few minutes I watched, a villain assembled a number of extraordinary men as a “league.” They were assembled as a challenge to prevent him from starting a war.

The title made me think about leadership.

Jesus assembled a league of extraordinary men and entrusted them with a Great Commission.

It was not because of their educational level, or charisma. It was not their social standing in Judea. They were not perfect and they were not connected with the purpose of Jesus’ sacrifice.

They were selected because they believed Jesus was the Christ and they were willing to submit to His Lordship.

Studying the lives of the apostles proves them to be a league of extraordinary men.

We need men today who believe in Jesus and submit to His Lordship. We need men willing to give their lives for the cause of Jesus. We need those who will stop at nothing to carry out the work entrusted to them.

The result will be a league of extraordinary leaders.

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