Keep Pushing…

Discouragement plagues leadership at the most unusual times and ways. Generally, when it is least expected, discouragement tends to come in like stealth.

During these experiences in leadership we need to remember to keep pushing.

Satan is diligent in his efforts to discourage us. He knows if he can discourage us enough, we will quit. Keep pushing.

Quitting is an easy way out. However, is it really?

Will quitting help us reach the goal? Will it accomplish the will of God?

What happens to those who are following if leadership quits?

Discouragement is inevitably going to happen. How we deal with discouragement makes the difference in spiritual leadership.

Keep pushing.

The antonym to discouragement is encouragement. As interesting as it may sound, when we focus on encouraging others our own discouragement seems to disappear.

Remember, it can always be worse and there is always someone worse off.

As well, I have found an acronym to the word push helpful, Pray Until Something Happens.

God certainly knows how to aid His leadership in overcoming discouragement.

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  1. David Malley says:

    Thanks for the encouragement Bob. Keep up the good work brother. Safe travels!

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