Where The Rubber Meets The Road

…is a familiar idiom. It is the moment of truth, not talk, but action.

In athletics, it is being a clutch player. I played basketball in High School. I used to shoot free throws for hours. At times I would make 90-95%. In practice I was at the top of my game. However, stepping up to the line during the game is where the rubber met the road.

When it counts is where athletes learn how good they are…or not.

I read and discuss leadership in several venues. I love the subject. I especially enjoy discussing it with men I admire as leaders.

However, there is a difference in learning and doing.

When tough decisions must be made, the rubber meets the road.
How mistakes are handled is where the rubber meets the road.
Our response when receiving criticism is where the rubber meets the road.

Here is where true leadership is discovered. Let us stand strong when our leadership is tested.

There are those who see what needs to happen, those who make it happen, and those who make it happen when it counts.

Be a clutch leader.

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  1. Archer Honea says:

    The apostle Peter talks about the difference between learning and doing in II Peter whenever he used two different Greek words for knowledge. In English we don’t have the privilege of making the same distinction in the different kinds of knowledge as did Peter. The Greek word gnosis (Strong’s #1108) translated as knowledge means head knowledge, or knowledge of facts. However, the Greek word epignosis (Strong’s #1922) means full acknowledgement, knowledge that is put into practice.

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