Polecats In The Path…

Last Friday was usual by most standards. Neal Pollard and I set out for a run on the Bear Creek Trail, as we do every other day. However, within a few minutes, Neal noticed an unusual object. As we approached, close enough for a full view, Neal noticed a skunk with its tail raised and ready for defense. As you might imagine, we gave the right away to our furry friend and chose a short detour.

This was not the first time we have encountered obstacles on the trail, but it had our attention. I began thinking how the path of leadership encounters many obstacles.

Obstacles become challenges that often redirect our course.

Obstacles come in all shapes and sizes. Some are more threatening than others. However, there is no doubt obstacles will come.

Neal and I took a short detour to get out of range (if you know what I mean), but we were quickly back on the trail and finished our run.

Obstacles in leadership may cause a short detour, but we must not allow them to prevent us from regaining our focus and reaching our goals.

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