Before Friday, these numbers were not very significant. However, 8.9 now has a profound meaning to everyone on this physical earth.

8.9 reminds us life is fragile.
8.9 reminds us earthly treasures are temporary.
8.9 reminds us God is all powerful.
8.9 reminds us of the need for leadership.

How will leaders in Japan respond to this tragedy? How will the leadership of the world respond?

How will the leadership of the Lord’s church respond?

Tragedy tends to bring opportunity, opportunity most often met with physical provision. Will we be satisfied to send money, food, water, and clothing?

This tragedy should remind us of the opportunity to help people prepare for the ultimate destruction of the earth. It will be an event exceeding 8.9.

The media claimed Japan to be the most prepared nation on earth. Many lives were spared because of the warnings.

God’s word warns us of a great day coming. All will stand before His judgment throne. Are we prepared? Will others be prepared?

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  1. J Michael Hite says:

    Great post – it is odd how simple number now how tremendous meaning – 8.9 – 9/11 – etc… They should certainly stand as warnings that our life is but a vapor here.

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