Tying a string to our finger does not really help. Mental exercises are often prescribed to assist, but few follow through. The older we get the more difficult it seems to be just to remember.

What can we do to help us remember?

God gave 10 commandments, set up stones, established feasts, and sent prophets to help Israel remember.

Jesus left the Lord’s Supper as a memorial to help us remember the events surrounding our salvation.

The apostles wrote a number of letters to help the church remember.

One of the key words and thoughts to the book of 2 Peter is a reminder. Christians need to remember to grow, remember there are false teachers, remember the dangers of falling away, remember our purpose, and remember God will keep His promise.

Leadership is connected to this need.

The writer of the book of Hebrews instructs us to remember those who led us.

Certainly, there is a need for leaders to remember as well.
Remember there is accountability.
Remember souls are at stake.
Remember nothing is more vital to the development of God’s kingdom than leading.

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