The Extension Program of the Bear Valley Bible Institute of Denver is one segment of a large work involving multiple budgets. It is not uncommon to examine as many as 15 budgets from the various school in the program.

These budgets rely upon the financial contributions of numerous individuals and congregations all making sacrifices to keep the extension schools operational.

Every company depends upon contributions; physical, financial, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual. Without the contributions made from each individual, success is hindered.

The development of our spiritual leadership hinges on what we contribute to the work. Each of the five areas listed play a vital part of what leadership must also contribute to maintain stability.

Take a moment and consider the contribution needed for the work where we are involved. Are we giving whatever it takes to contribute to those needs? Will our contribution make a difference?

When we contribute to the spiritual development of God’s kingdom, we know God will take what we have planted and make it grow.

Make a contribution today in leading someone to Christ.

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